H5P activities list

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11.1 example 1.1Accordion
2flashcard testFlashcards
3dialog card testDialog Cards
4chapter 2.1Course Presentation
5ch 2.1 exmple 1.3, 1.4, 1.5Course Presentation
6ch 2.1 example 1.6 & checkpointCourse Presentation
7ch 2.1 example 1.7 - 1.9Course Presentation
8ch 2.1 example 1.10, 1.11Course Presentation
9ch 21.Course Presentation
10ch 2.5 1-sided limitsCourse Presentation
11ch 2.5 infinite limitCourse Presentation
12ch 2.5 vertical asymptoteCourse Presentation
13ch 2.5 behavior of func at diff ptsCourse Presentation
14ch 4.1 critical pointsCourse Presentation
15ch 4.1 locating abs extremaCourse Presentation
16ch 4.1 Rolle's theoremCourse Presentation
17ch 4.1 Verifying mean value theorem appliesCourse Presentation
18ch 4.1 mean value theorem and velCourse Presentation
19ch 5.4 deriv of Exp FuncCourse Presentation
20ch 5.5 deriv of natural logCourse Presentation
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