H5P activities list

This book includes 28 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

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2Is this an Emotion? (Part 2)Drag and Drop
3Is this an Emotion? (Part 1)Drag and Drop
4Identify the Construct (Part 1)Drag and Drop
5Identify the Construct (Part 2)Drag and Drop
6Practice with Ekman's Methodology: Match the Facial Expression to each Emotion LabelDrag and Drop
7Match the SECs to the correct CPM appraisalDrag and Drop
8Circumplex ModelsImage Juxtaposition
9Practice with the Evaluative Space ModelDrag and Drop
10Identify the valence and activation of six emotions!Drag and Drop
11Practice with the circumplex model!Drag and Drop
12Is this a Fear?Drag and Drop
13Test Your Knowledge! Which brain structures control the components of anger?Drag and Drop
14How Disgusting is the Sweater?Image Sequencing
15Test Your Knowledge! Core? Animal-Nature? Interpersonal?Drag and Drop
16Test Your Knowledge! Identify the CAD violation!Drag and Drop
17Test your Knowledge of Sabini et al.'s (2000) Eliciting Events!Drag and Drop
18Test Your Knowledge! Identify the emotion components of shame, guilt, and embarrassmentDrag and Drop
19Test your Knowledge! Match each Definition to the Emotion LabelDrag the Words
20Test Your Knowledge! Which appraisals occur with each emotion?Drag and Drop
21Emotion Experiences for Easterners and WesternersDrag and Drop
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