Appendix F: Open Libraries

Various open collections from maps and images to 3D objects and weather. Search and explore these free resources.

Penn State Media Commons Free Media Library

Openverse (Formerly Creative Commons Search: images & audio)

Getty Royalty Free Images

Smithsonian Open Access

Smithsonian Learning Lab site

David Rumsey Map Collection

Library of Congress Early presidential collections.

The (Amsterdam) Rijksmuseum 709,000 works of art available online.

National Weather Service imagery From floods and hurricanes to tornados and snow.

Thingiverse 3D objects.

Tinkercad Create 3D objects.


Unsplash Photos

Pexels Photos

Pixabay Photos

Flickr Commons Photos

Nappy Beautiful photos of Black and Brown people, for free.

Broadly Gender Spectrum Collection Stock photos beyond the binary.

Disability Inclusive Stock Photography

Piqsels Stunning photos released under public domain license

The Noun Project Icons and Photos For Everything

JING.FM Free stock cliparts & silhouettes shared by users for free download

Public Domain Pictures

Storyset/Freepik Animated vector files


Open Peeps A hand-drawn illustration library of people.

Bio Icons

Weather Icons

Health Icons


Penn State Pressbooks

Open UMN Textbooks

OpenStax Subjects

Open SUNY Textbooks


BC campus OpenEd

Flat World Knowledge Catalog


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