Topic 1 Gender and Number of Definite and Indefinite Articles

Género y número de los artículos

The English language has two kinds of articles.

A table that shows the two kinds of english articles, followed by an example of the article.
Indefinite Article (any). A book. An apple.
Definite Article. The Spanish book.

The Spanish language has the two articles as well, but they are characterized:

  • by gender and number
  • both articles, definite or indefinite, must agree with the noun.


el libro verde.
El is the definite article, libro is the noun, verde is very specific.
Notice that all three are masculine/singular.


un libro.
Un is the indefinite article, libro is the noun.
Notice that both are masculine/singular.


los libros verdes.
Los is the definite article, libros is the noun, verdes is very specific.
Notice that all three are masculine/plural.


A table that displays definite and indefinite articles for gender singular and gender plural.
Gender Singular Gender Plural
DEFINITE el/la (the) los/las
INDEFINITE un/una (a,an) unos, unas


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