Course Description

Spanish 002 is an in-depth course that will review and study many of the same topics presented in Spanish 001 but to a greater degree. Speaking, writing, and reading skills will expand as you are challenged with the language. Students will continue to study Hispanic culture and traditions and will have the opportunity to make presentations about the culture through films. Students will be expected to be able to compare and to learn many irregular verbs in the preterit tense and the use of the Subjuntivo (special Spanish tense to express emotion-desire-negation, among others). One of the main grammatical themes for Spanish 002 will be learning how and when to use the two different Ser /Estar – Preterit and Imperfect – Subjuntivo.

The goal of this semester, in Spanish 002, is to help you become proficient in communicating with native speakers of Spanish and help you interact on basic situation with the Spanish speaking communities. Special focus is given to communicating about yourself and others, places, interests and activities and to speaking. Speaking competency is just as important as learning about the Spanish language. In addition, the student will develop cultural awareness and become prepared to encounter life situations outside of the classroom through discussions of cultural customs and behavior and by reading authentic materials written in Spanish.




Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the students should be able to:

  • reproduce accurately the sounds and the intonation of the Spanish language, and read elementary passages based on learned vocabulary and known situations,
  • understand and use effectively the present and two past tense of regular and some irregular verbs, the use of direct and indirect object pronouns, por/para,
  • understand words and phrases from questions, statements, commands and courtesy formulas,
  • use the characters unique to the Spanish language correctly,
  • read, discuss, understand and appreciate elements of Spanish art and culture through some basic cultural readings and student reports,
  • communicate using simple exchanges such as asking and answering questions and read simple passages.



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