We hope you are as excited about this textbook as we were writing, editing, and adapting it. This is a free academic resource and a free textbook that can be printed at a low cost if you prefer paper. This textbook has been reviewed for accessibility to all students by both Southern Oregon University’s Disability Resource and Penn State’s Schreyer Institute for Excellence in Teaching.

Introduction to the U.S. Criminal Justice System is an Open Educational Resource (OER) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_educational_resources that is licensed under the Creative Commons (CC 4.0) format https://creativecommons.org with support to complete this project from Open Oregon Educational Resources ( https://openoregon.org) and Penn State Libraries (https://roam.libraries.psu.edu).

This introductory textbook is unique, as it has been adapted for Penn State’s CRIMJ 100, from a textbook first collaboratively authored by Criminology and Criminal Justice professors at Southern Oregon University (SOU) in Ashland, Oregon. This textbook will meet the learning objectives outlined for CRIMJ 100, as well as cover all other topics expected to find in an introductory course. This book can be used on a quarter or semester system, as well as cover topics that may get left out of some introductory texts such as controversial issues in the criminal justice system. Further, we made it as comprehensive as possible to cover core concepts and areas in the criminal justice system including theory, policing, courts, corrections, and the juvenile justice system. Additionally, we created examples that will help make difficult concepts or ideas more relatable. Every section provides an overview of key terms, critical thinking questions for course engagement, assignments, and other ancillaries such as multimedia links, images, activity ideas, and more.

Feel free to ask any questions. Email Shanell Sanchez at sanchezs2@sou.edu with any specific questions about the original book or Katherine McLean at kjm47@psu.edu with any questions about the adapted text.


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Introduction to the U.S. Criminal Justice System Copyright © 2019 by Alison S. Burke, David Carter, Brian Fedorek, Tiffany Morey, Lore Rutz-Burri, and Shanell Sanchez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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