We noticed that you recently created an account with Penn State Pressbooks. Welcome to the Penn State Open Resource community! 

Before you start using Pressbooks, there are few things to note:

  • Review the Penn State Pressbooks Quickstart Guide and Pressbooks’ User Guide for an in-depth understanding of Pressbooks.
  • Control your book’s privacy settings
  • Choosing a copyright license
  • Pressbooks Directory 
    • “Pressbooks Directory is a free, searchable catalog that includes 5,514 open access books published by 153 organizations and networks using Pressbooks. It’s easy to copy, revise, remix, and redistribute any openly licensed content found here using Pressbooks’ publishing platform. Nearly all books are highly accessible, and many include interactive H5P learning activities to engage learners.”
    • Pressbooks users have the option to add their Pressbook to the Directory which allows global access to the book by those searching the Directory. If you don’t want this, you can opt out; and your book will not be listed in the Directory.
  • Accessibility – Public books MUST be accessible. It is a best practice to make any resource you are creating accessible for all users. For more information about accessibility, visit the Accessibility at PSU website or email
  • Technical questions? Consult the Pressbooks User Guide or email

Below, you will find some general resources related to OER:

If you require further assistance, please contact