Appendix D: Adding a Google Form for Adopting / Adapting

Adoption and Adaption

Creating a textbook gives an author the opportunity to not only secure their approach to teaching a subject which will last throughout the years, but also to influence others, which occurs when the book is read. The book can also influence other teachers who may decide to use it in their class. This can occur in different ways. They could use the entire book as the text for their class, which is adopting the book; or they could use part of the book, which is adapting. In the OER world, adapting usually means an author will use portions of your text for a book they are creating. Both of these actions add to your book’s credibility similar to a paper being cited by an author. Keeping track of these adoptions and adaptions helps build your book’s reputation, which is why we provide a way for this.

Adoption and adaption are covered thoroughly in The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far).

The University of Wisconsin created a great tutorial on adding a Google Form to your Pressbook like the example below which is based on a Rebus adoption/adaption form. This link takes you to an alternate Rebus example.


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