3D Content


Screen grab of Sketchfab with embed code highlighted.
Sketchfab’s interface for acquiring an embed code.

3D displays are an engaging way to present information and can be accomplished in Pressbooks by embedding content from Sketchfab, a repository of 3D files some of which contain excellent animated content. Show a beating heart. Get up close to a trumpeter swan from the Natural History Museum Vienna. Get microscopic by exploring annotated insulin. Rotate the 3D model. Zoom in and out. Go full screen for an even greater viewing effect.

Add these 3D visualizations by copying the embed code and pasting it into the Text editor.








360 Videos

You can place 360 videos in your chapters which allow the viewer to rotate the view to any direction they desire. Youtube has many 360 videos. Use their filter to help locate them and then just paste the URL into the Visual editor. If you create your own 360 video, upload it to Youtube and then add the Youtube URL to your chapter.



H5P has the Virtual Tour (360) module that allows you to import 360 videos and add annotations. Please view the example below.



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