Administrative Team

Julie M. Meyer, Penn State University

Julie M. Meyer, M.S.I.T. is an Instructional Designer with Teaching and Learning with Technology and located at Penn State Schuylkill Campus in Schuylkill Haven, PA. She went through the Rebus Textbook Success program with the PSU3R team. She has worked for several years on OER projects with the ACT (Affordable Cost Transformation) Program. Julie is also a Penn State Extension Master Gardener in Northumberland County. –

Wade Shumaker

Wade Shumaker is an Instructional Production Specialist for Penn State University’s TLT (Teaching and Learning with Technology) group with a background of graphic arts and 3D data visualization. He ran IST’s (Information Sciences and Technology) Extreme Events Lab’s CAVE installation for over 10 years where he shared 3D immersive displays of the Penn State campus, various data sets and 3D printing outputs with students, parents and IST visitors. Before that he worked as a graphic artist for AccuWeather. He now works for TLT with faculty to create OER textbooks that are free for their students. He has played guitar for over 50 years and is an active performing musician to this day. –

Sara Davis

Sara Davis is an Instructional Designer in the department of Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) at Penn State University. She works on a broad range of faculty engagement programs focused on emerging technologies and institutional initiatives such as OER, data-informed pedagogy, and digital fluency. Prior to joining Penn State, Sara was a middle school science teacher in Maryland. –

Brad Antill

Brad Antill is an Instructional Production Specialist for Penn State University’s TLT (Teaching and Learning with Technology) group. He has a specialized associates degree in Information Technology: Computer Programming, that has lead to his involvement with multiple projects and initiatives at Penn State. He works with faculty at the Pennsylvania State University to author and adapt OER into their courses. He has also been a part of website the Faculty Fellows Math 110 Open Jupyter Notebook project offering front end web design with Bootstrap. Contact –

Hanna Friedenberger

Hanna Friedenberger is a Digital Publishing Assistant with Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) at Penn State’s University Park campus. She joined TLT’s Team in the Fall of 2019 and has continued to assist other staff in creating open-access educational resources for Penn State faculty and students since then. She is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Biobehavioral Health and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling post undergrad.

Bryan McGeary

Dr. Bryan J. McGeary is the Learning Design and Open Education Engagement Librarian at Penn State University. He has co-led programs supporting the adoption, adaptation, and creation of open educational resources, and he previously started a grant-funded program at Ohio University to support student creation of OER. He is a member of the advisory and review board for PA GOAL, a program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education that offers mini-grants to create open and affordable learning projects at institutions across Pennsylvania. Additionally, he is a 2020-2021 SPARC Open Education Leadership Fellow, an instructor for the Rebus Textbook Success Program and the Open Education Network’s Certificate in OER Librarianship, a member of Affordable Learning Pennsylvania’s steering committee, and co-editor of the peer-reviewed open access journal Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice. He is also co-creator of the Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap, a resource that received Open Education Global’s 2022 Open Education Award for Excellence in Open Pedagogy. –


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