Michael Polgar

Remembrance, Respect, and Resilience

This book is dedicated to all Holocaust and genocide victims and survivors. This includes our family member survivors of blessed memory: our Hungarian migrant grandparents, Sophie Fonagy Polgar and Ferenc Polgar, and our survivor-migrant parents: siblings Vera John-Steiner PhD and Steven Polgar PhD. We also dedicate this work to their grandchildren: Sophie Beatrice, Isabelle, and Rebecca Polgar; Sebastian Cocchi, Rafael John Cocchi, Laura and Alex John-Mora, and to our spouses: Michele Schasberger and Horacio Cocchi, to whom we are deeply grateful.

In Peace,

Michael Polgar and Suki John

About the author

Michael F. Polgar, PhD is a co-editor of this OER textbook: ‘The Holocaust: Remembrance, Respect, and Resilience.” He is a professor and sociologist working at Penn State University in Hazleton, PA. Michael is committed to Holocaust Education and also author of the book Holocaust and Human Rights Education. With co-editor Suki John, Ph.D., Michael is a descendant (son and grandson) of Holocaust survivors from Budapest Hungary. Some of the Polgar family, including Michael’s father Steven Polgar PhD, his aunt Vera John-Steiner PhD, and his Grandparents Sophie and Ferenc Polgar, survived the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Michael lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Michele Schasberger and three daughters Sophie, Isabelle, and Rebecca Polgar.


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