Topic 1 Subject Pronouns

Pronombres del sujeto

1st Person Singular I 1ra Persona Singular yo
2nd Person Singular you 2da Persona Singular
3rd Person Singular he, she, it 3ra Persona Singular *usted, él, ella
1st Person Plural we 1ra Persona Plural nosotros/as
3rd Person Plural they 3ra Persona Plural *ustedes, ellos/as


  • There is NOT a subject pronoun for IT
  • Usted and ustedes are commonly abbreviated in writing, ud and uds. They are NOT interchangeable.
  • Tú is the familiar form used when addressing friends, relatives, children, animals or anyone with whom you are on a first-name basis.
  • Usted is the formal form used to address people for the first time, in business situations, and with someone you might not know well.
  • The verbs system in Spanish indicates person, number, and tense, therefore pronouns are usually omitted.
  • When used, pronouns are used to:
    • show emphasis = Yo tengo el libro. I have the book.
    • clarify ambiguity on the third person forms = Ella tiene el libro. Ellos tienen el libro. She has the book. They have the book.




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