7.5 Current Prevention Programs, New Initiatives, and Food for Thought

1. In this chapter we examine a variety of prevention efforts, beginning with a film whose purpose it is to prevent drug use.  Did you see this one in high school?  Do you think it is effective in deterring drug use?  Take a look.

“Chasing the Dragon” from the FBI

2. Finding a more effective message, staying up-to-date, and dealing with the unexpected consequences are part of the continuous efforts of drug abuse prevention and education.  Here are three examples.

Sometimes prevention efforts are not as effective as intended, yet some prove to be effective. Listen to this 6-minute report for examples.

“How Anti-Drug Campaigns Like ‘This Is Your Brain On Drugs’ Have And Haven’t Worked”  http://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2018/05/29/anti-drug-campaigns-effectiveness

Changing policies require updated prevention messages.  Listen to this 4-minute podcast report for the effort to change tactics from “fear to facts.”

“With The Rise Of Legal Weed, Drug Education Moves From ‘Don’t’ to ‘Delay'” https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/06/03/615403684/with-the-rise-of-legal-weed-drug-education-moves-from-don-t-to-delay

Listen to this 3-minute podcast report on unintended consequences of raising taxes on cigarettes to reduce smoking.

“Hidden Brain: How Cigarette Taxes Affect Food Buying”https://www.npr.org/2017/07/25/539183590/hidden-brain-cigarette-taxes

3. Providing resources for parents and educators, as well as involving teenagers, is a key component of prevention. Explore current DEA prevention programs and the video competition to create prevention messages for and by teens

Operation Prevention https://www.operationprevention.com/#about   and the 1-minute video competition 2018 finalists https://www.operationprevention.com/competition/video/archives/2018

Resources for Parents, Educators, and Caregivers: https://www.getsmartaboutdrugs.gov/

Resources for children and teens: https://www.justthinktwice.gov/



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