Writing a Course Description

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Very often when one evaluates a syllabus there is a paragraph, often ignored by students, that is labelled “Course Goals or Course Objectives”. Upon reading the text, however, it is not actually either goals or objectives, but a description of what is contained in the course. Very often it is a clue to the enthusiasm of the faculty member teaching the course. It is not uncommon for the faculty to “wax poetic” about a favorite course or topic. It is time to showcase these paragraphs for what they really are – meaningful Course Descriptions. Not the standard boring description one sees in a catalog, but what the course actually means to the faculty and its connections to the real world. The following materials may help your faculty write these innovative course descriptions.


Big Ideas Across Disciplines – IDA 2018

Course descriptions to improve IDA 2018

Course Description Examples

Tips for Writing Course Descriptions




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