Chapter 3

Vocabulario Capítulo 3


Números ordinales  (Ordinal numbers)

A table that displays ordinal numbers spelled out in spanish, followed by the english translation.
Primero first
Segundo second
Tercero third
Cuarto fourth
Quinto fifth
Sexto sixth
Séptimo seventh
Octavo eighth
Noveno ninth
Décimo tenth


Common Adverbs (used with the Imperfect and Preterit)

A table that displays a list of common spanish adverbs and the corresponding english translation. Examples are used with the imperfect and preterit
todos los días every day
todas las mañanas every morning
un día one day
una mañana one morning
una tarde one evening
generalmente generally
usualmente usually
de repente suddenly
en el pasado long ago
antes in the past
de inmediato right away
inmediatamente immediately
siempre always
a menudo often
primero first of all
finalmente finally


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