Preliminary Unit: Greetings and Interview

Preliminary Unit:  Review of the Present tense, descriptions, and questions in a basic interview using Easy Spanish:  Presentaciones para principiantes


  1. to describe using the Present Tense
  2. to prepare an interview using the video “Easy Spanish: Presentaciones para principiantes”
  3. to review the differences between formal and informal registers
  4. to interview classmates to learn about them


Interpretive Performance Assessment:  IPA

Miren  y escuchen el vídeo:  “Easy Spanish: Presentaciones para principiantes

or use the Kaltura link

A. Interpretive Task:

Please note any new vocabulary that you don’t understand.

Read and listen to the dialogue three times.

Can you organize these questions in other logical sequences?  What are the questions and answers in Spanish?

With a partner, try to explain each of these questions and their answers.

Can you find the verb in each of the sentences in Spanish?   Can you find the subject pronouns “I”  and  “You”  in each of these sentences?  Can you find the possessive adjective “your”  in some of these sentences?   Do you remember how to ask/ answer questions in the formal/ informal registers? Can you change each question to the formal register?

What is your name?

Where do you live?

What is your profession?

What is your hobby?

How old are you?

B. Interpersonal Task:

Can you add other questions/ answers?

Next we practice with a partner each of these questions and we add other questions/ answer.  Try to ask/ answer 3 – 5 more questions.

C. Presentational Task:

Now,   we learn from each and give a presentation to the class.   So,  in pairs,  ask/ answer the questions that are part of the video and the ones that you have added.



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