Unit 10: Some Indefinite Pronouns with the yogi comic strip

Unit  10 : Los indefinidos con la tira cómica:  yogi que se siente solo



  1. To define the vocabulary of nouns related to sports and feelings.
  2. To describe four vignettes and rearrange them in various logical structures.
  3. To analyze the comic strip  and examine the references to pronouns in order to understand noun replacement.
  4. To apply the information in the comic strip to express negative feelings that we have in various situations.


PACE activity: Identification of Indefinite Expressions


A. Presentation: View the comic strip.

Can you describe each vignette in Spanish?  Can you try to guess what is happening?

Then, read this comic strip and identify vocabulary that might be difficult to understand.


Yogi person doing yoga
There are four vignettes: First: Yogi stretching saying: “No hay nadie que me escuche.” Second drawing: yogi stretches and says: “No hay nada que pueda hacer” while a person watches him from window. Third drawing: yogi says: “me siento tan solo” as he is watched by a person at the window, and fourth vignette has person opening the  window  and saying “Te estamos esperando.”












Estar esperando

Do you understand the situation?


What happens first?  Second?   How does the yogi feel?  Is he right?



B. Attention to the Form:

Can you find the indefinite pronouns in this comic strip?  There are two of them:   and

C. Co-Construction:  Which nouns do these pronouns replace?  Can you fill out these tables?

Negative Indefinite Pronoun Translation Structure of the Negative Sentence: No  +  Verb  +  Pronoun Translation

Let’s add the positive indefinite pronouns:   alguien,  algo

Positive Indefinite Pronoun Translation Structure of the Affirmative Sentence: Translation

D. Extension:

There are times when we also feel alone. With a partner, can you explain a situation in the Present tense when you feel alone?  For example,  when I go to eat lunch, nobody when I ask a question,  nobody , when  I try the exercises, nothing


Then, your partner can give you a solution.There is always someone/ something that


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