Unit 13: The Pronouns after Prepositions with the comic strip “Courtesy is helpful!”

Unit 13:  Los pronombres de preposición with the comic strip  “La cortesía ayuda / Courtesy is helpful!”


  1. To remember the vocabulary related to courteous expressions and prepositions
  2. To describe the vignettes and to decide on other logical sequences of this story.
  3. To formulate  the structures and  uses of the pronouns after prepositions.
  4. To create invitations to various events and to various people and to accept and reject them.


PACE activity: Identification of Pronouns after Prepositions


A. Presentation:

Read this comic strip and identify vocabulary that might be difficult to understand.


Courtesy is helpful Comic strip
Five vignettes: one person hands leaflets saying: “para ti.” Person answers: no. Second: Person handing leaflets says : “para usted.” Passerby refuses saying :no. Third: person handing leaflets says “para ustedes.” Passersby refuse saying no. Fourth: person handing leaflets says: “para usted, por favor”. The passerby agrees saying: “Sí, por supuesto. Muchas gracias.” Final vignette: the leaflet person says: “la cortesía ayuda”



La/ el activista

El folleto = el panfleto = el volante =   

La persona que distribuye panfletos



Por supuesto


Do you understand the situation?   What happens first?  Second?   How does the person handing leaflets feels?   What about the passersby?



B. Attention to the Form:

Can you find the prepositions?  What are the Prepositions in Spanish?  (at, to, of,  with,  from,  against,  for)



C. Co-Construction:  Which pronouns do you see after the prepositions?  Can you fill out this table?

Preposition + Pronoun Translation

D. Extension:   Invitations to a meeting.

Let’s invite people to a meeting.  With a classmate,  can you decide what the meeting is about?  At what time?  Where?  When?

Next,  let’s hand out invitations:

I invite you (formal, informal, one person, a group)

I invite her.

I invite him.

I invite them.


What about your professor?  What about your parents?  What about your grandparents?  What about your best friend?


How do you accept to an invitation?

How do you decline an invitation?

Role play several answers.


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