Chapter 10: Implementing a Stress Reduction Plan

Goal Setting

Stress Management Plan

Use the 10 R’s given below, to help you create a stress management plan to manage your identified stressors.

How would you apply this to yourself (write the answers in the rows below)

The ten R’s of Stress Management


What is causing the stress? Don’t linger on the symptoms too long.


There are some things outside your control. Don’t worry about things you can’t control.


In order to reduce your stress.


If there are things in your life that you do to excess, then lower them. By lowering your excess you can lower your stress levels. For example, reduce you coffee intake, coffee stimulates the body for approximately 30-60min. Coffee raises the stress hormones in the bloodstream. It also has half life of up to five hours, dropping energy levels and causing fatigue .Also, ensure you get enough sleep, when you are stressed you need more sleep.

Reality Check

What is important to you in life? Remind yourself of all the things that you have achieved that matter to you. Think positively and remind yourself about what is good in your life.


Go back to the source and get more information if you need it. For example, if you have to give a presentation at work and are unsure of its content ask your boss. There is no harm in asking for more guidance. You are not saying that you can’t cope but it is a simple way of reducing stress from the beginning.


There are times you need to say no! It is better to say no, than to say yes and not deliver.


Delegate! By delegating you are reducing your stress. You are also helping others to train whom in turn will in the future help you further and hence minimising your stresses of the future.


Think about all that you have achieved. Be happy with yourself, recognise how capable you really are.


It is important to insure that you find time to relax. Set aside time for relaxation and most importantly don’t feel guilty. You deserve it.


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