19 Advancing Inclusive Pedagogy via the Intersection of Instructional Technology and DEI


Inclusive pedagogy sets the stage for a learning environment that provides equal opportunities for all students to have a successful learning experience and a sense of belonging (Dewsbury, 2017). Infusing instructional technologies paired with strategies can advance the work in this space. Using such tools as FlipGrid, Google Docs, Canvas, and more can enable such aspects of a co-created portion of a learner-centered syllabus, checking name pronunciation and pronouns, and soliciting feedback from the students with a DEI perspective.

Additional aspects include image repositories and open educational resources to have inclusive materials beyond affordability to that of representation. This includes students seeing themselves adequately represented in course content/readings. During this session, examples of all mentioned strategies within a variety of course modalities will be explored.

Dewsbury, B (2017). On faculty development of STEM Inclusive teaching practices. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 364(18):2.

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