15 Time Management Strategies for the Busy Engaging Instructor


Do you find yourself challenged by the amount of time you dedicate to managing your engaging remote and mixed-mode courses? This session will explore the time management challenges that remote faculty have faced while teaching engaging courses. For each challenge there will be techniques shared for managing time more wisely, so you can minimize stress and improve the quality of your course. The session will conclude on how to tailor a time management student template that, in turn, streamlines student questions, grading, and more.

Session Recording

Link to Recording – September 22, 2020
Link to Recording – September 23, 2020

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Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

General Links

  1. Session Survey
  2. Making the Switch to Multi-Audience Teaching
  3. Announcement Template
  4. Discussion Board Rubric
  5. Time Management Student Video
  6. Managing Tasks
  7. Mid-semester Feedback Example Questions
  8. Time Management Student Template

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  1. Canvas Prerequisites for a Module
  2. Canvas Scheduler
  3. Canvas Course Analytics
  4. Canvas Learning Path: Manage Your Gradebook
  5. Missing Submission Policy in Canvas Gradebook
  6. Send a Message via the Gradebook (missing assignments)


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