5 Engaging Students Through Multimedia Assignments


Are you interested in exploring multimedia assignments in online environments? Multimedia assignments teach students digital skills in addition to the content they learn in your course, and can be taught both in residential and online/remote courses. They can be a great choice if you are looking for additional assessment options for your students. Attendees of this workshop will learn about the capabilities of Adobe Spark, Media Commons support options, and best practices when developing a multimedia assignment.

Adobe Spark is an increasingly popular, free web-based tool that allows you and your students to easily manipulate and transform photos and logos, develop attractive web pages, and create basic video projects. It is accessible where your students are – PCs, Macs and many mobile devices – and can still be used after students leave Penn State. This is an ideal technology for assignments in both blended and online courses.

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Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

  1. ESS Multimedia Assignments Survey
  2. Media Commons Survey
  3. Media Commons Website
  4. Media Commons Faculty Page
  5. Museums, Libraries, and 21st Century Skills article
  6. Adobe @ Penn State (sign up for a PSU Adobe account)
  7. Adobe Spark website
  8. Media Commons Spark Tutorials
  9. One Button Studio at Home Resource
  10. Tech Tutors/Tech TAs information


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