18 Engaging Students with Interactive Global Experiences via Multimedia


The infusion of multimedia within a course can deliver instructional content in a multi-sensory approach. Through curated and live experiences focused on providing global perspectives, as well as easy-to-utilize tools to create your own interactive experiences to provide global context, you can engage your students with opportunities they would not have otherwise especially given the current barriers to travel.

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Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

  1. Session Survey
  2. Global Perspective Resources at Penn State: Global Programs: Fall 2021, EDGE
  3. IMEX Experience Catalogue
  4. IMEX[cursions]
  5. Lab Tour 360 Video Example: Organic Chemistry Lab Example, Organic Chemistry Labs Website
  6. Google Cardboard VR Viewer
  7. Tashkent 360 Google Tour / Poly Example (this website will be shut down by the end of Summer 2021)
  8. Map with Links to Silk Road Examples
  9. Google Earth Web – Voyager
  10. PILLAR Project Teaching Materials
  11. ThingLink
  12. With these, we worked out a workflow that it is the instructor who only needs an account and if this method is used then it does not need to go through Courseware.psu.edu The two aspects are: Air BNB Online Experience (has an associated cost); Amazon Explore (has an associated cost)
  13. Toucan Rescue Ranch website
  14. Map of Location of Toucan Rescue Ranch


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