14 Hands-On Online Learning Opportunities


Are you looking for ways to bring content alive for your students in the online environment? This session will outline how to effectively incorporate technology tools to align with your learning objectives and enhance students’ interaction with your content. Specific tools will be demonstrated, and you will have time to explore others for use in your course. Please bring an idea of a lesson or project that you would like to focus upon to brainstorm and integrate a new technology tool.

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Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

  1. Session Survey
  2. Physics 211 Example
  3. Physics 212 Example
  4. Media Commons
  5. Maker Commons
  6. 3D Modeling
  7. IMEX Lab
  8. IMEX Experience Catalogue
  9. Equador Assignment Hand-Out
  10. SketchFab
  11. PhET Homepage
  12. Online Resources for Remote Teaching
  13. ECOS Office of Digital Learning Resources: Online Lab Toolkit, Science-Specific Needs


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