4 Engaging Students Through Assessment


How can you engage your students through online assessments (both formative and summative)? This session covers the changes can you make to your assessments to take advantage of the affordances of the online environment. Topics include setting expectations for online assessments, managing student stress levels, determining the most effective delivery method in your teaching context, adapting both formative and summative assessments from in-person to online formats, and alternatives to online exams.

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Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

General Resources:

  1. ESS Session 4 Survey
  2. Virtual Office Hours and Book a Consultation with an ID
  3. Tech Tutors and Tech TAs
  4. Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel Transcription

Formative Assessment Strategies:

  1. Pedagogical Practices in Canvas: Scaffolding
  2. Kahoot (Teacher – set up and run games)
  3. Kahoot (Students – participate in games, no sign-in necessary)
  4. Canvas Embed Tools
  5. ITLD Webpage for Embed Tools
  6. Canvas Learning Path page 5d: Peer Reviews
  7. Kaltura Learning Path: Video Quizzes
  8. Pedagogical Practices in Canvas: Problem-Based Learning and Case Studies

Adapting Assessments:

  1. Canvas Learning Path: Assessment Resources and Quizzes
  2. Tips for adapting assessments (Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence)
  3. 14 tips for writing multiple-choice questions (Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence)
  4. Canvas Learning Path: Create Quizzes and Question Banks
  5. Import quiz content into a question bank (ie: from Quizium)
  6. Canvas Learning Path: Rubrics
  7. Basics of Rubrics (Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence)
  8. How to Develop an Effective Rubric (Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence)

Student Accommodations:

  1. Assign a Quiz to an Individual Student
  2. Give Select Students Extra Time on a Quiz
  3. Allow Students to take Extra Attempts on a Quiz
  4. Campus Disability Coordinators


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