13 Engaging Students in a Multi-audience Classroom via Active Learning


Are you teaching students in-person and remotely via Zoom at the same time? Apply techniques to communicate with students and share organized materials in a cohesive manner to set the stage for active learning. Learn key strategies to apply active learning techniques in a multi-audience course setting and modify content of templates that support active learning for utilization in your own courses.

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Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

  1. Session Survey
  2. Make the Switch to Remote Teaching and Learning
  3. Active Learning while Physical Distancing
  4. Physically Distanced Classrooms:
  5. Making the Switch to Multi-Audience Teaching
  6. Announcement Template
  7. Before, During, After Example
  8. Active Learning Techniques
  9. Template for Muddiest Point (Google Form)
  10. Template for Plus/Delta for Student Feedback (Google Doc)
  11. Four Corners Template (Google Slide)
  12. Small Group Breakout Template (Google Doc)
  13. Small Group IceBreaker Template (PowerPoint)
  14. Icebreaker Gallery Walk


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