11 Engaging Students Through Assessment – SITE Collaboration


This is a revision of the original session offered in May 2020; it will cover new material and focus on student success in online assessments.

Are you looking for ways to revise and improve your online assessments? This session covers using online assessments (both formative and summative) to engage students. Topics include making changes to assessments to take advantage of the online environment, making sure online assessments are equitable, and helping manage student stress levels during these unprecedented times. This content applies to both blended and online courses.

This session is a collaboration with the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence. Our guest facilitator is Mary Ann Tobin, an Assistant Research Professor and SITE Consultant.

Session Recording

See links below for recordings from each session. 

Link to Recording – August 12, 2020
Link to Recording – August 13, 2020

Presentation Slides

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Link to Google Slides Presentation

Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

General Resources:

    1. Session Survey
    2. Guidance for Student Use of Webcams
    3. Syllabus Language for Required and COVID-19 Related Topics
    4. Find your Schreyer Institute Consultant
    5. Find your Campus or College ID Consultant
    6. Tech Tutors and Tech TAs

Universal Design for Learning Resources

  1. Universal Design for Learning Guidelines
  2. Register for Teach to Reach: Maximizing Learning for All Students

Assessment Definitions and Research

  1. Direct vs. Indirect Assessment
  2. Authentic Assessments
  3. Multi-Modal Assignments
  4. Schreyer Institute 6 Strategies for Effective Learning
  5. Learning Scientists Website
  6. Reframing Testing as a Learning Experience – SITE workshop with Yana Weinstein from the Learning Scientists (PSU Login Required)

Online Testing Best Practices

  1. Making Multiple Choice Tests More Effective – video with Linda Suskie
  2. 14 Rules for Writing Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Replacing High Stakes Exams with Multiple-Attempt Low-Stakes Quizzes


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