7 Looking Through the Faculty Lens


How do you engage students in the classroom when some students are physically present and some are online? In this panel discussion, Shared Programs and Blend LT faculty will share how they created a successful classroom environment conducive to active learning, student engagement and collaboration, and peer support. They will share their experiences in how they were able to manage and instruct students in a mixed environment through the use of various strategies, techniques, and technologies.

Faculty Panel Participants:

  • Angela Brown, Lecturer of Accounting, Schuylkill campus
  • Mary Dean Coleman-Kelly, Associate Teaching Professor of Nutritional Sciences, University Park campus
  • Nannette D’Imperio, Lecturer of Information Sciences and Technology, Brandywine campus
  • Penelope Morrison, Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health, New Kensington campus
  • Kristal Tucker, Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology, Greater Allegheny campus

Session Recording

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Presentation Slides

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Looking Through the Faculty Lens – facilitation slides
Angela Brown Slides
Mary Dean Coleman-Kelly Slides
Penelope Morrison and Kristal Tucker Slides

Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

  1. ESS Looking Through the Faculty Lens Survey
  2. Nearpod
  3. BlendLT
  4. Camtasia
  5. Slack
  6. Office365 at Penn State (sign in with your PSU ID to use Teams)


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