Appendix B-20: Model Use: Author Design

Author Design

Using BIM authoring software to develop a model with 3D and additional attribute information for a facility design leveraging a library of parametric design elements.

Potential Value:

  • Transparency of design for all stakeholders
  • Improve control and quality control of design, cost and schedule
  • Enable powerful design visualization
  • Enable true collaboration between project stakeholders and BIM users
  • Improve quality control and assurance

Resources Required:

  • Design authoring software

Team Competencies Required:

  • Ability to create, manipulate, navigate, and review a 3D model
  • Knowledge of construction means and methods

Selected References:

  • Tardif, M. (2008). BIM: Reaching Forward, Reaching Back. AIArchitect This Week. Face of the AIA. AIArchitect.


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