Appendix B-14: Model Use: Analyze Lighting Performance

Analyze Lighting Performance


Leveraging the model to perform a quantitative and aesthetic review of the lighting conditions within a space or on a surface or series of surfaces.  This can include daylighting analysis or artificial lighting analysis.

Potential Value:

  • Visually review lighting conditions
  • Provide quantitative results for energy use calculations
  • Show daylight impact on a space
  • Allow for review of space for placement of daylight sensors

Resources Required:

  • A model with 3D information of all objects that influence lighting conditions. ┬áThis may include some finish properties and furnishings within the model depending upon the detail desired within the lighting analysis.
  • A lighting analysis software to perform renderings and lighting calculations

Team Competencies Required:

  • Modeler with skills to place lights within a 3D model
  • Designer with skills to interpret analysis results

Selected References:


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