Appendix I: Version History

Revisions from Version 1 (2009) to Version 2.0 (2011)

  • Significant revisions throughout the document, including additions of content and grammatical revisions.
  • Addition of examples with the Laboratory Project.


Revisions from Version 2.0 (2011) to Version 2.1 (2012)

  • Revised the Level 1 BIM Process Template
  • Expanded the number of template process maps in Appendix
  • Added Glossary of terms
  • Minor grammatical revisions


Revisions from Version 2.1 (2012) to Version 2.2 (2019)

  • Revisions to the one page BIM Use descriptions contained in Appendix B
  • Revised the format to web-based format using PressBooks, along with multiple downloadable options to enable easier access to individual sections
  • Added links to the BIMForum Level of Development specification and the US Army Minimum Modeling Matrix to the information exchange definition chapter as potential alternatives to the information exchange template
  • Enabled commenting on the published version on the website to capture suggestions for future revisions
  • Published in various downloadable formats, e.g., ePub and PDF, from the online version of the Guide
  • Embedded template documents via links to downloadable files to the online version of the guide to make it easier to find the template file resources. A complete list of the downloadable content was added in Appendix J.
  • Added Appendix I: Version History
  • Grammatical revisions throughout the document
  • Revised the cover page


Revisions from Version 2.2 (2019) to Version 3.0 (Draft under Development)

  • Revised core planning procedure to have 5 steps, instead of the initial 4 steps in earlier versions.  The initial step 1 (BIM Goals and Uses) has been separated into two steps.  The first step is to establish the Project Modeling Goals and the second step is to select the Model Uses.  The chapter numbers have been revised throughout the Guide and the former Chapter 2 content has been revised and distributed between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.
  • Revised and shorted chapter titles.
  • Revised the term ‘BIM Use’ to ‘Model Use’ throughout the Guide.  The term was revised to simplify the terminology and to limit the reference to the term ‘BIM’ which is not always readily accepted by project teams working on infrastructure or industrial facility projects.  The term ‘BIM’ throughout the document has been frequently revised to either model to reference a model file or database, or modeling to refer to the process of developing or using a model.  Section titles have sometimes been renamed, e.g., the Model Use Description appendices.
  • Revised the list of Model Uses significantly.  Many model uses were reworded to start with their core purpose as defined within The Uses of BIM document.  One new model use was added (Draw Construction Documents) and several were removed from the core model uses, but a page is still included in the Appendix (Analyze Emergency Management and Analyze Engineering Performance – reworded from previous versions).
  • Revised the descriptions for the model uses contained in Appendix B.


Links to Previous Versions

  • Version 1.0
  • Version 2.0
  • Version 2.1
  • Version 2.2




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