Appendix B10: Model Use: Create Construction Documentation

Create Construction Documentation


Using BIM to develop the documentation necessary to communicate the facility design to the construction personnel.  This may include plans, elevations, sections, renderings, data schedules, 3D diagrams, or specifications.

Potential Value:

  • High-quality construction documentation can increase productivity, reduce field conflicts, and improve the overall quality
  • Model generated documentation can enable additional data for the construction workforce with limited additional effort, e.g., 3D views and additional data such as material takeoff quantities and specification information
  • Automatic updating of documentation with design revision tracking


Resources Required:

  • BIM authoring software that enables document creation
  • Specification authoring software (if you wish to autogenerate specifications)


Team Competencies Required:

  • Ability to develop documentation within BIM authoring software
  • Ability to track and publish document revisions


Selected Resources:


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