Reader’s Guide

This Building Information Modeling (BIM) Project Execution Planning Guide is directed toward readers with a fundamental understanding of BIM concepts.
The nine chapters in this Guide provide:

  • An overview of the BIM Project Execution Planning Procedure (Chapter One)
  • An approach to define the project modeling goals (Chapter Two)
  • A method to identify Model Uses (Chapter Three)
  • A procedure for designing the BIM Process for the project (Chapter Four)
  • A method for defining the Information Exchange Requirements (Chapter Five)
  • An approach to define the infrastructure necessary to support the BIM Process (Chapter Six)
  • A structured method for team implementation of the procedure through a series of meetings and intermediate tasks (Chapter Seven)
  • A structured approach for organizations to development typical plans for BIM implementation (Chapter Eight)
  • Conclusions and Recommendations for projects and organizations implemented BIM based on lessons learned through the creation of the Guide (Chapter Nine)

The appendices provide additional resources for implementing the BIM Project Execution Planning Procedure on a project. These resources include electronic templates for completing each step within the process. There are also example process maps and information exchange examples for a sample project. The sample project used is a hypothetical laboratory project with a limited number of Model Uses so that it is easy to understand.

The electronic resources are available for download from Appendix.  The templates  include Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for various template files, a Microsoft Visio file with template process models, and an Adobe PDF template form for completing an execution plan. Project teams can use these templates to develop their BIM Project Execution Plan or copy appropriate content to any customized organizational documents.


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