Appendix B-16: Model Use: Analyze Energy Performance

Analyze Energy Performance

The BIM Use of Facility Energy Analysis is a process in the facility design phase which one or more building energy simulation programs use a properly adjusted BIM model to conduct energy assessments for the current building design. The core goal of this BIM use is to inspect building energy standard compatibility and seek opportunities to optimize the proposed design to reduce structure’s life-cycle costs.

Potential Value:

  • Save time and costs by obtaining building and system information automatically from the building information model instead of inputting data manually
  • Improve building energy prediction accuracy by auto-determining building information such as geometries, volumes precisely from BIM model
  • Help with building energy code verification
  • Optimize building design for better building performance efficiency and reduce building life-cycle cost

Resources Required:

  • Building Energy Simulation and Analysis Software(s)
  • Well-adjusted Building 3D-BIM Model
  • Detailed Local Weather Data
  • National/Local Building Energy Standards (e.g., ASHRAE Standard 90.1)

Team Competencies Required:

  • Knowledge of basic building energy systems
  • Knowledge of compatible building energy standard
  • Knowledge and experience of building system design
  • Ability to manipulate, navigate, and review a 3D Model
  • Ability to assess a model through engineering analysis tools

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