Choosing a Topic

How do you choose a topic? That’s the big question, right? Keeping apprised of the news is a good way to watch out for potential topics. Sit back and think about your goal. What is it that you’d like to accomplish with your blog post? What can you add to the information on the internet about a certain topic that will prove to be a valuable resource for an entrepreneur down the line?


For this class, you will be looking for a legal topic that can assist an entrepreneur with something that is related to starting up. This could be something new or could be resource based. Sit back and think, if I was starting a company what would I need to know about? Create a table to contain and categorize this information. Below is a sample containing just a few items:


a table with two columns is shown. One column is labeled "Legal" and the other is labeled "General Business". The items listed under the "Legal" Column are: "Choosing my Entity Structure", "What should I name my company?", and "Governance". The items listed under the "General Business" column are: "Create a business plan", "What should I name my company?", and "Governance".

As you can see in the short sample above, there is overlap between legal and general business topics. Review Unit 2 regarding giving legal vs. business advice.


💡Here the exercise of doing this sort of categorization is to help you select a topic. Is there something entrepreneurs should know from a governance standpoint as it pertains to the law?


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