Entrepreneurial Mindset

There is a lot of literature on the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s important when you are going to represent entrepreneurs that you understand what that mindset is. It’s also important to know that comments on mindset are generalized and do not apply to everyone.


Many commentators speak to entrepreneurs as risk-takers. Some are, some aren’t. Most entrepreneurs will forge ahead with ideas and take calculated risks. They will weigh the potential risk with the potential reward to decide whether that risk is worth taking. Remember, entrepreneurs are problem solvers as well. 📖 Read James Norman’s article, “A VC’s Guide to Investing in Black Founders.” This article is about raising capital; however, it is well-positioned here as we seek to understand and determine the best way to represent entrepreneurs, here Black entrepreneurs.


When it comes to women or other entrepreneurs with heavy family/home obligations, often the business is set up around their schedule requirements. Keeping this in mind is important when planning.


I’ve compiled short 1-2 minute videos for you to watch. Each video features an entrepreneur and provides valuable insight into the entrepreneurial mindset or their drive. The videos were made from interviews with successful entrepreneurs for the Inside Entrepreneurship Law blog. I invite you to read more about these entrepreneurs (and watch more of their videos); simply go to the blog and search for them!


Mary Allen Lindemann: Entrepreneurial Mindset



Mark Landgren: Entrepreneur’s Mind



Oliver Noel: Habits for Success



Gary Gildin: The Entrepreneurial Mind




Gary Gildin: Entrepreneurship and Public Interest




Trisha Cowart: Entrepreneurial Risks


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