Unit 11 Preview and Introduction


This unit will cover the following topics:

  • Filing Requirements
  • Internal Document Generation
  • Drafting Tips
  • Buy-Sell Arrangements



Once an entrepreneur decides on which entity structure they would like to have, it is time to form the new entity. Certain entity structures require formal filings with the Department of State. Aside from formal filed documents, there are several internal documents that need to be drafted with care and with the client’s needs in mind.

In this Unit, I’ll discuss filings and other documentation necessary (or strongly recommended) for starting a business.


an image that shows what elements go with the central element labeled "Establishing a business in PA". the four branches that flow out of this label are: "Business Name", "Laws, Licenses, and regulations", "Business structure", and "taxes, employee obligations, EIN and bank account"

Photo source: Pennsylvania Entrepreneur’s Guide

📖  Peruse the Pennsylvania Entrepreneur’s Guide. Pay particular attention to how it is written for the layperson.


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