Predictability of the Court System

When does this matter? Likely it only matters when dealing with complex business litigation. Courts in all jurisdictions can easily handle the typical business litigation and if their jurisdiction hasn’t decided on the issue, they can look to Delaware or other jurisdictions. Because Delaware has the Court of Chancery, which is focused on business and corporate matters, cases are more predictably decided there.


The Court of Chancery has jurisdiction to hear all matters relating to equity. The litigation in this tribunal deals largely with corporate issues, trusts, estates, other fiduciary matters, disputes involving the purchase of land and questions of title to real estate as well as commercial and contractual matters. The Court of Chancery has a national reputation in the business community and is responsible for developing the case law in Delaware on corporate matters. Appeals from the Court of Chancery may be taken to the Supreme Court.


The Delaware Court of Chancery exclusively handles business issues and uses experienced judges/no juries.


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