Planning Out your Blog Post

By now you already understand the value of using an umbrella and a roadmap. Use one in your blog post. Set that stage, provide that background info that the reader needs, and tell the reader what your post is going to cover.


Do an outline ahead of time so you keep your focus. I like a funnel approach. Start broad and then get narrower and narrower. Remember, a common theme should be why an entrepreneur cares about what you’re writing.


After providing the info, do a nice wrap-up conclusion. Circling back is always beneficial to a reader.


A general blog format could look like this:

  • Background or Introduction (umbrella/roadmap)
  • Effects/Ramifications (positive and negative)
  • Why the entrepreneur cares
  • Moving forward thoughts
  • Conclusion

Include photos or charts to break up the monotony of verbiage. (Give credit to your photo sources.)


Have you set aside plenty of time for the editing process? Don’t ruin your credibility by failing to proofread for misspellings and incorrect grammar use.


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