Those same equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination laws that impact advertising, apply to interviewing prospective employees. Certainly, your clients need to be cautioned against asking questions that could lead toward a discriminatory selection.

Watch the below videos to see questions that can be asked in interviews, questions that should not be asked, questions that cannot be asked, and some hiring tips.

What you can ask

What you shouldn’t ask

What you can’t ask

Hiring Tips

Clients should also strive to ask the same questions to all of the applicants.

Note that in many states employers cannot ask what someone was being paid at a prior job. This is because we do not want to continue systemic problems with women being paid less than men for the same jobs.

Sometimes applicants divulge information during interviews that can sway someone’s decision. Read this blog post written by Alumnus Starlin Colon, “How Should an Employer React when an Interviewee Voluntarily Gives Unwanted Information During an Interview?” with advice on what to do in these cases.


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