Chapter 2: Hardware, Software, and Networking

Now that we know a bit more about information science and the Internet, let’s examine some of the nuts and bolts of how things get accomplished. This is often in the form of hardware, software, and networking, that allow us to use things like the World Wide Web, File sharing, playing video games, and taking advantage of the Internet and other technologies. The information in this chapter will also be helpful as you leave college and enter the workforce.¬†One of the first questions you might be asked by your future employer is to identify the optimal hardware/software configuration you need in order to do your job. This information may also be useful in troubleshooting problems you have with a computer or getting online.

Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, you will be able to:

  • identify the primary hardware components necessary to build a functional computer.
  • describe the role of computer software, and how it interacts with hardware.
  • describe¬†how computers communicate over a network.
  • describe the OSI model, including each layer and what it represents.



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