Unit 2 Assignments

Assignment 1 (In-class Discussion)

Read Chapter 2 section 1

Answer questions 1 & 2 and submit for discussion in class.

See assignment 3 to input for credit.


Watch my video lecture on context and process modelling in MS Visio



Assignment 2

Complete Assignment 1 first


1. Select 1 the 3 organizations from assignment 1 ( or another if you would like) and decompose the organization

  • Create a high level, 0.0, Context model showing the relationship of the organization to outside entities. (Like MY Hat video hat does for fictional hat company)
  • Create  process diagram showing how goods or services flow to the consumer in your company.  High level means don’t break everything in to subtasks.  Just look at the high level – Acquire customer, produce good or service, Pick Pack ship, etc.

2. Submit your diagrams in PDF format and be prepared to show them and briefly walk through them in class on Tuesday.


Please not that this is not a test, there is really no right answer.  The idea is to try taking an organization apart logically – analyze it.



Assignment 3

  1. Identify three business processes involved in the purchase of a car.
  2. Describe how the process of going on a date changed with the introduction of online dating services such as Match.com. What do you see as the pros and cons?



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