Unit 4 Assignments

Assignment 1 (Reading, Online Submission)

Read about  User Stories and Use Cases in the following Links (plus any others you find online.)

Then complete the Assignment  that follows.

Wiki Use Case

Methods, How to, and Tools use case

Guru use case

Tyner Blain use case



Assignment 2

Using what you have learned about user stories and use cases in your virtual hour assignment create use case diagrams of any two of the following:

1. Student submitting and assignment in class and teacher grading it, and student viewing results.

2. Researching a topic in the library and writing and submitting  a paper for class (in canvas)

3. Class Team/Group working a case and preparing, submitting and presenting results to class.

4. Buying a car.

5. Finding a job through indeed.com

6. Cooking a meal from a recipe you had to research first.



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