Unit 8 Assignments

Assignment 1 


  • Answer the following Questions For TJMAX
    • 1.Describe the TJMAX Breach
      • How did the attackers get access
      • What did they take
      • What could TJMAX have done to avoid the breach
    • 2. Briefly define each of the three members of the information security triad.
    • 3. What does the term authentication mean?
    • 4. What is multi-factor authentication?
    • 5. What is role-based access control?



Assignment 2

Read about the Target Breach at this link, and then answer the questions below


Answer the following questions:

  1.  How did the breach occur.
  2. Why do you think it worked.
  3. Why were so many cards compromised.
  4. What was the “cost” of the breach.
  5. Who paid (what parties).
  6. Could this happen elsewhere.
  7. Supposedly, when the gangster Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks? He replied because that’s where the money is.  How would that impact your approach to Security if you worked in a Retail chain like target vs a research organization vs you local police department (hint what are you trying to protect.)
  8. Why do you think ransomware attacks have become so much more prevalent in the last 5 years?


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