Unit 5 Assignments

Assignment 1

Read Chapter 4 Data and Databases from Saylor (.pdf download)

Instructor to assign a case here that relates to the material in Saylor. Or use the assignments from Saylor’s chapter.



Assignment 2

Please visit the following sites and watch and follow the instructions for building a pivot table.

Creating a Pivot Table

Intro to Pivot Tables

#27 Intro to Pivottables, #28 Doing More with Pivot Tables,#29 What-IT-analysis O’reilly


Here is a sample Data File (also in files)


When you have completed the video training please build and submit a pivot table with at least 2 filters. 

Include 2 charts of different type (line, bar, pie etcs.)  at least one should be a pivot chart.


You can use the data file I provided for the virtual hour or something of your own:



For anyone who needs basic Excel, try these two videos they are pretty good.  You will need the first one.  The second is useful to have but you should not need it to complete the assignment.







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