3.1 – Introduction to Healthy Eating

If you wanted to eat healthier, how would you get started? What strategies might you use when eating out to avoid overeating?

Take a minute and think about how you decide what to buy when you go food shopping. Did you start with a meal plan for the week and then buy foods you needed?

Many people do not have a structured method of planning meals and end up spending more money on food outside the home as a result. In addition, they do not make a list prior to shopping and tend to buy the same items each week, or they buy foods that appear interesting to them on that particular day. Once home, they may still not have the basic ingredients to put together a meal for themselves or their family. Developing the habit of keeping a grocery list and planning meals, can make a big difference in your overall health and save you money by avoiding impulse purchases.

In addition, we are going to explore how to judge portion sizes, portion distortion and strategies that can help you get started developing a healthy eating plan.


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