Chapter 5 Exercises

It’s Your Turn

  1. List four functions of carbohydrates in the body.
  2. Count the carbohydrates you consume in a day by following the steps for carbohydrate counting. Is your intake within the recommended range?
  3. Determine your daily fiber intake and whether your diet supplies the amount of fiber recommended to promote health and prevent disease.


Discussion Starter

  1. Conduct an experiment in the classroom that evaluates the sweetness and tastefulness of sugar substitutes. Try them in pure form by putting a small amount on your finger. Record the results from you and your classmates and make a sweetness and taste comparison chart.


Expand Your Knowledge

  1. Design a Thanksgiving feast with at least ten items that help balance the GI of the meal.
  2. Draw a flow chart that incorporates the concept of negative feedback in the regulation of blood glucose levels.
  3. Visit the website of the CDC Diabetes Diagnosis Map and look up the statistics for diabetes in your home state and county. If you are an international student, use this site to find data for your home country.  Make a list of five ways to curb the trends of obesity, physical inactivity, and type 2 diabetes in your county or country.


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