Nutritional Applications for a Healthy Lifestyle



Nnittany Lion

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Welcome to the First Edition of an OER textbook for Penn State’s NUTR 100 Nutritional Applications for a Healthy Lifestyle. This text was developed with the assistance of an Affordable Course Transformation grant from The Pennsylvania State University in 2019. I/we wanted to make NUTR 100 Nutritional Applications for a Healthy Lifestyle accessible to any Penn State student interested in an introduction to nutrition and help students sort through the barrage of messages we encounter daily around the subject of nutrition.

A primary goal of the course is to provide you with information backed by nutritional science, and a variety of resources that use scientific evidence to optimize health and prevent disease. This text was designed to support, enrich, and expand the materials provided in NUTR 100.  The text links to original research articles, reliable websites, and Wikipedia. If you are interested in a deeper dive into a specific topic, hopefully, you will find it here.

NUTR 100 Nutritional Applications for a Healthy Lifestyle is designed as a prevention course. If you make a commitment to empowering yourself with scientific evidence as a strategy for achieving a healthier diet, you will not only enjoy a higher quality of life but will save yourself an amazing amount of time and money. Choosing to eat in a manner that promotes health will allow you to be more productive in all areas of your life. Scientific evidence has consistently shown that a healthy lifestyle results in a person living longer and spending less money on health care costs.

This has been a labor of love by all involved for you the student. I/we hope you enjoy using this text and learning more about the exciting field of nutritional science and health.

You can search for topics in this book using CONTROL + F at the page level or use the overall all search function to find a topic throughout the text.


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