Chapter 10: Disgust

Definition of Disgust

Disgust means “bad taste”(dis = opposite of; gusto = taste/pleasure).  In fact, many definitions emphasize how disgust occurs when we place an offensive object in the mouth.  Darwin (1872 p. 253) stated that disgust was caused by “something revolting, primarily in relation to the sense of taste as actually perceived or vividly imagined; and secondarily to anything which causes a similar feeling, through the sense of smell, touch, and even of eyesight.” Darwin acknowledged the importance of the mouth, but also expanded the disgust definition to include other senses.  Later, work suggested that disgust could be elicited by the thought or idea of eating something offensive (Angyal, 1941).  This definition suggests that we do not necessarily have to put the offensive object in our mouth to experience disgust, we just have to think about doing so.


This chapter starts by explaining eliciting events of disgust, then moves onto explain four different types of disgust.


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