Chapter 10: Disgust

Chapter 10 Introduction

This section will cover the emotion disgust.  Disgust is an unpleasant emotion that may be experiences as low, moderate, or high in arousal (depending on whether the SNS and/or PNS system are activated).  This chapter will begin by discussing the four types of disgust and the eliciting events and cognitive appraisals associated with each type of disgust.  Then, this chapter will present evidence for both basic emotion and constructivism theory in the areas of facial expressions and vocal change.  Physiological and brain activation evidence will be presented.  The chapter will end by discussing the CAD Triad Hypothesis – a theory that helps us to better understand the differences between Contempt (C), Anger (A), and Disgust (D).


Note: Some of the studies discuss situations that may be upsetting.


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